A Boy in War Adendum

By Jan de Groot

Since the days of WW2 in the 1940’s, there have been a lot of changes. For instance, we now have TV’s, cell phones and computers, none of which were in existence during that awful time.

10 years after this book was first published. I was fiddling with my computer, I still don’t know what made me do it, I opened Google and typed in the name of my Dad. The result was amazing! There it stated that he was buried  in Lūbeck, Germany. It even showed a picture of his grave. Some 250 war casualties were buried  at that site. That grave site is called an honor field, dedicated to fallen allied soldiers and victims of concentration camps. Apparently, there are several of these sites in Germany and they are maintained by a Dutch organization called De Nederlandse Graven Stichting  (The Dutch Cemetery Foundation) We never knew where my Dad had ended up. but now we know!

I immediately called  my daughters and made plans to travel to Holland to see some of my relatives and  to make arrangements to go to Lūbeck. As it turned out we flew to Amsterdam, visited my cousins who lived near Apeldoorn and then drove to Lūbeck. Before going to the cemetery we bought a flowering plant to put on my Dad’s grave. The cemetery was amazing. In beautiful condition, perfectly maintained. We found my Dad’s grave and we stood there, looking at it. It was a very emotional event. We  added the flowering plant to the flowers already growing in front of the stone and after some time left and checked into a hotel. The next day we went back to the grave and noticed that our flowering plant had been watered. This again showed that, as I said before, the maintenance of the site is absolutely excellent.

My Dad was 47 years old when he died… much too young! The fact of knowing where he is buried and seeing his grave, brought some closure to a miserable time period.  Below are some of the pictures I took with my cell phone.

My daughter Michele in front of my Dad’s grave.