Julie White


Julie White started making up horse stories at a young age after her parents told her she couldn’t keep a pony in the backyard of their Vancouver home. When she was twelve, her family moved onto a farm near Vernon in the interior of British Columbia, and she got her first horse, a headstrong chestnut named Roger.

Julie lives on a horse farm in Armstrong with her husband, Robert, a former jockey, where they raise thoroughbreds for racing and jumping. She rides every day and competes in jumping classes at horse shows, often against her two grown daughters. She’s a Pony Club examiner, riding instructor and course designer. The Secret Pony is Julie’s first novel.


Titles by the Author

Secret Pony

By Julie White

Kirsty’s got a secret–a big, four-legged secret . . . When they moved out to the country after the divorce, Mom promised Kirsty a pony of her own. Then Lancelot practically drops in her lap, and Kirsty empties her money box to buy him. He’s skinny and starved and only half trained for riding. But he’s hers, all hers, and Kirsty is overwhelmed with joy. Because of Lancelot, Kirsty finds a new friend, Faye, whose grandmother, Lucy, runs a pony farm. Because of their friendship, she finds a place to board her pony, and because she makes herself so useful around the place, she finds herself signed up for riding lessons as well. But what she can’t seem to find are the words to tell her mother that the pony she’ll be riding is her own. Then Kirsty falls and finds herself in the hospital–and in hot water with her family and friends. First there’s bickering and blame, then disappointment, and finally doom: Lancelot must go. But at the last moment, Kirsty finds the support she needs, and it comes from the most unexpected source.