Tenderfoot Trail


Tenderfoot Trail is an autobiographical account of homesteading in the Cariboo during the first years of the depression. Olive Spencer Loggins was born and raised in the city. When she was six months pregnant, she and her husband Arthur, headed for the Cariboo and left the great depression behind in Vancouver; it was a dream come true. This is a story full of warmth, adventure and ingenuity.


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Greenhorns in the Cariboo

Olive Spencer Loggins

In 1926, the B.C. Government had a plan: 160 acres of land in exchange for hard work. For Olive Spencer Loggins, who was six months pregnant and husband Arthur, heading for the Cariboo and leaving the great depression behind in Vancouver was a dream come true. They traded urban soup lines for the thin gruel of their first winter in the north. The greenhorns learned fast. Their Aboriginal neighbours taught them to fish, their community danced them through the night, and they all valued work over money. This is a true story of the Canadian West, complete with bandits, hard-working women, and renegade moose.