A Curious Cage


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By Peggy Abkhazi

Peggy Abkhazi was one of many Europeans who resided in Shanghai before the Second World War. Until the Japanese invasion in 1941, Europeans and Americans in that city led comfortable, almost idyllic lives. When the Japanese took control, the lifestyles of the expatriates changed dramatically. Their movements were monitored, some foreigners were arrested, money was devalued, and homes and possessions were confiscated. Peggy Abkhazi, along with all other ‘enemy subjects,’ was placed in an internment camp, where she lived for more than two years.

In defiance of Japanese orders, Peggy kept a detailed journal of camp life. Her journal, reproduced in A Curious Cage, is at once a valuable historical document and a beautifully written memoir that displays great wit and charm in the face of adversity.

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