Olden Days Locket



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Penny Chamberlain

From the moment she first steps off the school bus, 12-year-old Jess is enchanted by Point Ellice House. She feels she somehow knows what is around every corner and behind every door of the beautifully preserved Victorian home. Her interest and repeated visits impress the guide in charge, and before long Jess has a volunteer summer job at Point Ellice House.

Jess begins having visions of a girl named Rose, visions that take her back in time to a terrible streetcar accident. Now it’s up to Jess to solve a mystery and to ease the troubled spirit who has haunted the area for so long.

Inspired by the history of Victoria’s Point Ellice House and the worst recorded streetcar disaster in North America, The Olden Days Locket is a spellbinding read from the very first page.

Penny Chamberlain has found a way to make history and contemporary life exist simultaneously. This is a captivating tale of two girls who, though living a century apart, are linked in a kind of metaphysical companionship—brought about by a lost locket, sightings of ghosts, and daily life in a grand estate. In this gracefully written novel, the past is not just the past after all, but a vital part of the present. —Jack Hodgins

ISBN 978-1-55039-128-2   $13.95   200 pages. 5.25″ x 7.75″

Awards and Nominations:

Chocolate Lily Award

Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Diamond Willow Award

Red Cedar Book Award