Sebastian Sasquatch



by Sylvia Olsen
Illustrated by Kasia Charko

Sebastian Sasquatch loves his home in Puddle Valley. It has everything a young sasquatch needs: trees to swing from, a creek to fish in, meadows for running and jumping. Well, almost everything. In all of Puddle Valley, there isn’t another sasquatch child for Sebastian to play with. There is the Puddle Valley Campground and Adventure Park, though. It’s full of children. They come with their families and spend the summer running, jumping, swimming and swinging. But not one of them even notices Sebastian, much less wants to play with him. Why?

Bringing Sylvia Olsen’s characteristic direct, engaging language together with Kasia Charko’s warm, lively art, this is a lighthearted tale about the simple yet mysterious qualities it takes to be a friend.

32 pp • 7 x 8.5
ISBN 978-1-55039-197-8 • softcover • $9.95
full colour