Ting Ting



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Kristie Hammond

“I want to go home. I want to go back to China!”

Like any other eight-year-old, Ting has lots to complain about: too much homework, boring lessons, having to live with her annoying cousin. And missing her parents, of course. She’s in China, they’re far away in Canada, and she wishes they would come home right away.

Suddenly, Ting’s life is turned upside down by fighting in a place called Tiananmen Square. Now she’s with her parents again—but in a new country, in a city called Vancouver, where everything is strange. Her cousin doesn’t bother her anymore, but “home” is a tiny, bare apartment with only a ratty sofa for Ting to sleep on. There’s less homework and classes aren’t boring—but Ting can barely understand a word her teachers and classmates are saying.

Inspired by a true story, Ting Ting tells of a girl with spunk, determination, and one wish—to belong. What will it take for her wish to come true?