Terry Reksten

Terry Reksten was born in England in 1942 and came to British Columbia in 1947. She studied English and History at the University of British Columbia, graduating in 1963. Terry maintained an active interest in British Columbia history and heritage preservation and was a founding member of the Hallmark Society and the Crystal Gardens Preservation Society. In 1985, she was named an Honorary Citizen of the City of Victoria in recognition of her writing and her work in heritage preservation.

Reksten’s first book, Rattenbury, received the province’s top literary award for “an outstanding contribution to the field of literature pertaining to the understanding and enjoyment of British Columbia.” Terry went on to produce six more books of history and biography, including The Dunsmuir Saga, The Empress Hotel, and her final book, The Illustrated History of British Columbia (2001). Terry passed away in July 2001.

Titles by the Author

More English than the English

Twenty-five years ago, when the late Terry Reksten wrote More English than the English, her intent was to write “for those who might not usually find pleasure in reading about the past.” The result is an entertaining account of British immigrants tryingBuy from Store to create a society based on nostalgic notions of their homeland.


Released in time to celebrate the centennial of the British Columbia Parliament Buildings, this revised edition examines previously unknown details about Rattenbury’s involvement with the Empress Hotel. Terry Buy from StoreReksten also discloses the aftermath of the infamous Rattenbury murder trial, including what happened to the architect’s children and George Stoner, the chauffeur convicted of his murder.